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AHC Campus Expansion Moves Forward on Multiple Fronts

Work continues toward realizing the vision of an Austin History Center Campus that merges the existing 1933 building with expansion opportunities offered by space dedicated to the AHC in the neighboring John Henry Faulk Central Library building.

The AHCA Campus Expansion Committee is moving forward with efforts to develop a Master Plan for the AHCCampus, even as Austin Public Library works on a Strategic Master Plan for all 23 APL branches plus the AHC. The APL plan, being developed by Library Forward, a San Francisco planning firm, will provide a general view of APL’s future and how libraries can best serve the Austin community, but it will not be detailed or specific enough to take the place of a Master Plan specifically focusing on the expansion of AHC operations into the Faulk building. Fundraising for the AHCCampus Master Plan continues.

Meanwhile, Hicks & Company Environmental/Archeological Consultants has completed work on a draft nomination for placing the Faulk building on the National Register of Historic Places. The Faulk building was built in the late 1970’s and will soon be 50 years old and within the window of eligibility for inclusion on the National Register. AHCA Campus Expansion Committee members reviewed and commented on the draft, which is now being reviewed by the Texas Historical Commission before it is submitted to the U.S. Department of the Interior, home of the National Register. Acceptance of the application would open opportunities for grants and other fundraising options.

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