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Help Publish Austin History Through Waterloo Giving Circle

Waterloo Press, the publishing branch of the AHCA, has launched a new program that offers AHCA members the chance to help fund publication of a future Waterloo Press book. The program is called the Waterloo Giving Circle and it’s modeled on crowdsourcing efforts that have become popular on social media. By participating in the Waterloo Giving Circle, you have the opportunity to have your name listed as a donor in an upcoming Waterloo Press book.

“Waterloo Press cannot do its great work of preserving Austin’s history in print without you,” said J.F. Margos, chair of AHCA’s Waterloo Press Committee. “As a non-profit publisher Waterloo depends on you to participate in the Waterloo Giving Circle.”

There are five donation levels in the Waterloo Giving Circle. Each donor at the first four levels will have their name listed in the front of the book published after the date of their donation:

  • Publisher Level - $1000

  • Author Level - $500

  • Editor Level - $100

  • Agent Level - $50

Donors who make the fifth donation level – the $5000 Guardian Publisher Level – will have their name listed in the front of each of the books published by Waterloo Press for the next five years after the date of their donation.

To join the Waterloo Giving Circle, contact AHCA Executive Director Jeff Cohen at 512-270-0132 or To read more about Waterloo Press, visit the AHCA website.

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