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Neon CRM to Light Up Member Engagement

AHCA members will soon enjoy new conveniences in the way they conduct business with the AHCA, courtesy of a new customer relations management system. In June, AHCA will launch Neon, a CRM designed specifically for use by nonprofits. Once implemented, NeonCRM system will manage AHCA’s growing membership database and provide new operational capabilities for the association. It will also provide members with more direct access to news and events and control over their own information.

“We’re thrilled to have the new and dynamic Neon membership tracking and communication engine,” stated AHCA Executive Director Jeff Cohen. “This tool was selected among a short list of the top products on the market for nonprofits with capacity similar to AHCA, and it came highly recommended by Preservation Houston. Neon will enhance the communication and interaction we have with our growing membership.”

Members will be able to connect with AHCA online via a private portal accessible through the website. They can review their information and make updates and donations directly. Soon event registration and purchases from Waterloo Press will also be handled via Neon.

The new software will integrate a wide range of association activities and automate many daily administrative functions, allowing AHCA to be more timely and comprehensive in providing services to members. Data collection will be instant and better reporting will allow the association to be more active in the Austin nonprofit arena.

“Neon will make it easier for anyone to join AHCA, or renew, and increase an AHCA annual membership, sponsorship, life membership, and the new corporate membership,” said Cohen.

The change in software will be seamless for members, who will experience the improved functionality when interacting through the website. More information on the Neon launch will be released during the Annual Meeting on May 16.

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