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Number of AHCA Life Members Continues to Grow

New AHCA Board Member Mark McCormick and his wife, Heather, are dropping roots in Austin in a significant way. The couple recently stepped forward to join 11 others as AHCA Life Members.

Professionally, Heather is an attorney and Mark is a real estate investor and developer. They each work with family offices on the legal and investment side. They came to Austin after living in the Midwest and California, and they brought with them their love of history.

“We are fascinated by history,” said Mark. “Even though we are fairly new to Austin, we can already see the extraordinary pace of growth. The landscape is transforming before our eyes. We want to help preserve the city’s history because that is what gave Austin its character. It’s what created the place we fell in love with and were drawn to. By preserving and sharing that history, we can help safeguard the unique charm of the place. We see AHCA as vital to that effort and we intend to support it in every way we can.”

Besides being AHCA’s newest Life Member, Mark is leading a new AHCA corporate membership program recognizing iconic Austin businesses.

Bravo to the McCormicks for their active support of AHCA!

Learn more about the benefits of becoming an AHCA Life Member.

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