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Progress Report: AHC Campus Expansion

The scaffolding on the north and west sides of the Austin History Center building is clear

evidence that funds approved in Proposition B of the 2018 bond package are fueling improvements in both the 1933 AHC building and the neighboring 1978 John Henry Faulk Central Library building.

Crews are currently refurbishing the exterior of the 1933 AHC building, repairing the exterior stonework, windows, and lighting, enhancing the landscape, and installing upgrades to bring the building into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Meanwhile work on the Faulk building continues with emphasis on system upgrades, external surface repair, and refinishing two-and-a-half floors of the building for high-density archival storage and staff offices.

Phase two of the AHC campus expansion will feature work that more clearly brings into focus the vision AHCA and Austin Public Library share for an expanded AHC campus: a unified cultural and research destination to celebrate Austin’s unique history. The foundation for that vision is the 2019 Gensler Report, “Reimagining the Faulk,” which reflects input from key community stakeholders. APL has engaged architecture and design firm Lord Aeck Sargent to further develop concepts, initially envisioned by the AHCA, that bring that vision to life. A Faulk/AHC – Phase 2 Progress Review produced in November 2022 by Lord Aeck Sargent reflects a scope that includes:

  • A plaza between the 1933 AHC building and the Faulk building

  • An elevated connector between the two buildings

  • First floor exhibition space and café (Faulk building)

  • Second floor Reading Room (Faulk building)

  • Third floor cold storage for AHC archives (Faulk building)

  • A rooftop terrace/event space with catering kitchen, vegetation, and walking paths (Faulk building)

  • Additional interior renovation work (1933 AHC building)

The work in the scope is projected to be completed by the end of 2024.


Design images below are from the Faulk/AHC – Phase 2 Progress Review produced in November 2022 by Lord Aeck Sargent.

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