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Work Gearing Up on AHC Expansion Project

AHCA leaders and the Campus Expansion Committee are continuing to meet with representatives of Austin Public Library regarding bond-funded work that will expand operations of the Austin History Center.

Collectively, the work to bring the 1979 John Henry Faulk Central Library Building up to code, retrofit two floors of the building for archival storage purposes, and make necessary repairs to the existing 1933 AHC building at 9th and Guadalupe St. constitute the largest bond-funded project in APL’s current portfolio. APL staff report that the design team is currently working on schematic designs and budget for the project.

Elements for the archival retrofit of the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Faulk building for AHC expansion include new:

  • Shelving

  • Flooring

  • Archival-specific ceiling lighting

  • Security for the collections

Throughout the Faulk substantial mechanical, electric, and plumbing upgrades will make the building code-compliant and up to modern standards.

Upgrades to the existing AHC building will include:

  • Exterior stone and window repair

  • ADA lift repair or replacement

  • Small landscape upgrades

The concept of an outdoor plaza in front of the Faulk building is listed as only possible if money from the budget is available.

In the fall of 2018, Austin voters approved a bond proposition that included $14.5 million for the Faulk building upgrades, including the 2-floor archival retrofit to accommodate expansion of the AHC into the Faulk.

The AHCA’s AHC Campus Expansion Committee has raised more than $63,000 to help pay for a master plan to guide the expansion.

To learn more about the AHC campus expansion visit the Campus Expansion page of the AHCA website.

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