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AHCA Raises the Stakes with New Endowment Fund

AHCA is taking a significant step toward growing the organization and raising its fundraising profile.

This summer, AHCA will formally select a commercial investment firm to manage a new endowment fund designed to provide AHCA with a more stable, financially viable, and steady stream of income to sustain day-to-day operations and put the association in a more secure financial position over the next ten years and beyond.

Discussion about a new endowment began in 2020 but the formal process to create it started in January 2021, when the AHCA Board approved a resolution to establish the new endowment and an Endowment Subcommittee to develop the investment policies, procedures, and other necessary founding documents, as well as a request for proposal to find a commercial investment firm to manage the endowment. In March 2021, the AHCA Board approved the documents and created a new Investment Committee to execute investment policy, and manage all investments and endowments owned by the AHCA, which includes an existing endowment with Austin Community Foundation.

The new endowment will be seeded with a gift from the estate of Sam and Val Dunnam, as well as another major gift that will be announced at the AHCA Annual Meeting May 16.

You can make a direct contribution to the 2021 AHCA Endowment by contacting AHCA Executive Director Jeff Cohen at by mailing your contribution to:

AHCA Endowment

c/o AHCA, PO Box 2287

Austin, Texas 78768

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