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Message from Mary Kahle, Chair of AHCA Oral History Committee

Happy New Year from the oral history committee! We were busy this winter conducting interviews with so many interesting, inspiring people; it’s truly a privilege to serve on this committee and have the opportunity to meet them and work with our team to capture their stories. We appreciate the folks we’ve interviewed and the wonderful volunteers and AHC staff members who make it happen.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the interviews we’ve conducted since June 2022:

Joe Bryson

Biruta Celmins Kearl

Glen Maxey

Howard and Harvey Ware

Robert Godwin

Paul Leary

Forrest Preece

Dana DeBeauvoir

Harish Kotecha

Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza

Carol Hatfield

MariBen Ramsey

To nominate someone for an AHCA Oral History interview, visit the Oral History page of the AHCA website and submit a nomination form.


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