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New or Renewing AHCA Members

Feb. 10 to Sept. 1, 2022

New Life Members

Charles Page

Michelle Slattery

New Iconic Business Members

Tomlinson's Feed

New and Renewing Members

Steve Adler, Curator

Patricia Albright, Pease Society

Ellen Balthazar, Collector Affiliate

Mary Baughman, Collector Affiliate

Kaye Beneke, Historian

Ray Benson

Dennis Bitterlich, Archivist Sustaining

Ave Bonar, Collector

Lynn Boswell, Curator

Anne Bruno, Collector

Joe Bryson, Historian

Rachel Bryson, Collector Renewal

Carole Buckman, Historian

Dan Bullock, Pease Society

Karen Carl, Collector

Annette Carlozzi, Pease Society Affiliate

Sunny Casarez, Historian

Carol Castlebury, Collector

Jason Castlebury, Collector Affiliate

Dave Claunch, Archivist

George Cofer, Historian Renewal

Jeff Cohen, Curator Sustaining

Mary Conlon, Collector

Dana Conners, Collector Affiliate

Ann Conrad, Archivist

Don Cook, Collector Affiliate

Harlan Cooper, Curator Sustaining

June Cooper, Curator Affiliate

Colin Corgan

David Dacy, Curator

Dinsmoor-Vandervort Memorial Fund, Collector

Paulette Delahoussaye, Historian

Srinath Desilva, Collector

Daniel Dochen, Collector

Lori Duran, Curator

Anne Scott Ebert, Pease Society

Lincoln Edwards, Curator

Roxanne Evans, Curator Sustaining

David Farabee, Pease Society Affiliate

Steve Farabee, Pease Society Affiliate

Kassie Farley, Archivist Affiliate

Dale Flatt, Collector

Kathy Flatt, Collector Affiliate

Ben Foster, Archivist Renewal

Adam Friedman, Historian

Mark Fries, Collector Affiliate

Lara Haddock

Amy Hammons, Collector

Elizabeth Hansen, Collector Affiliate

Joy Hardeman, Pease Society

Margaret Harman, Curator

Martha Hartzog

Erika Herndon, Collector

Dane Hersey, Collector Sustaining

Elizabeth Hiestand

Colleen Hobbs, Historian

Rex Hoover, Collector

Ann Howard, Collector Affiliate

John Howard, Collector

Barry Hutcheson, Collector

Ellie Hutcheson, Historian

Kirk Ingels, Historian

Roger Joseph, Complementary

Biruta Kearl, Collector

Paul Keeper, Collector

Lee Leffingwell, Historian Renewal

Lowell Keig, Archivist

Joe Kelly, Curator Sustaining

Sara Kennedy, Collector

Sarah Kerr, Historian

Saundra Kirk, Collector

Kate Knecht, Brazos

Karen Kocher, Curator Sustaining

Jennifer Lamm, Historian

Diane Land, Curator Affiliate

Clay Leben, Collector

Angela Lee-Ward, Curator Affiliate

Larry Lewellyn, Collector Affiliate

Patricia Lewellyn, Collector

John Lewis, Eberly Sponsor Affiliate

John and Scarlett Lewis, Eberly Sponsor

Scarlett Lewis, Eberly Sponsor Affiliate

Roger Lilly, Collector Affiliate

Sharmyn Lilly, Collector

Walter Long, Historian

Glen Long, Historian

Perry Lorenz, Pease Society

Sheridan Lorenz, Pease Society Affiliate

Bill Luedecke, Pease Society

Ronny Mack, Curator

Steve Manning, Collector

J. Fotini Margos, Archivist

Debbie Martin, Curator

Claire Martindale, Historian

Garry Mauro, Curator

Peter Maxson, Collector

Emma Mayton, Collector

Maline McCalla, Historian Renewal

Larry McGinnis, Collector

Kimberly McKnight, Collector

Matt McKnight, Eberly Sponsor Affiliate

Bill McMillin, Collector

Colleen Mehner, Historian

Susan Meller, Pease Society Sustaining

Joseph Miller, Collector

Susan Miller, Historian

Suzy Millner, Historian

Susan Mitchell, Collector

Tom Mitchell, Collector Affiliate

Elliott Naishtat, Curator

Carole Nalle, Archivist

George Nalle, Archivist Affiliate

Shaya Nayyerhabibi, Curator

Micki Neal, Historian

Jill Kohnert Nicholson, Collector

Martin Ochs, Collector Sustaining

Tere O'Connell, Collector

Ron Oliveira

Sylvia Orozco, Historian

Jeffee Palmer, Collector

Lazan Pargaman, Collector

Frances Pearce, Collector Renewal

Gloria Pennington, Historian

Forrest Preece, Colllector Renewal

Peggy Pickle, Collector Sustaining

Flo Ann Randle, Historian Renewal

Timothy Ray, Pease Society Affiliate

Curtis Reddehase, Collector

Ronney Reynolds, Curator

Max Rice, Collector

Frances Rickard, Collector

Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza, Historian

Rachel Ruiz, Curator

Chelsea Rusch, Collector Renewal

Roy Rushing, Curator Affiliate

Ruthann Rushing, Curator

Terri Schexnayder, Collector

Billy Schmidt, Historian

Jacqui Schraad, Historian

Cynthia Schwartz, Curator Affiliate

Shannon Sedwick

David Sheppard, Collector

Amy Shipherd, Historian

Karen Sonleitner, Archivist

Robin Grace Soto, Historian

Sue Soy, Historian

Barbara Spears-Corbett, Curator

Gayle Brennan Spencer, Collector

Lamar Spencer, Collector Affiliate

Richard Spencer, Collector

Susie Spies, Historian

Nancy Springen, Curator

Robert Sullivan, Curator Affiliate

David Sullivan, Collector

Wade Calvin Swofford, Curator

William Conley Swofford, Curator

Colleen Theriot, Collector

Connie Todd, Pease Society

Thomas VanDyke, Archivist

Dennis Waley, Archivist

Alyssa Walker, Historian

Angie Ward, Curator Affiliate

Bob Ward, Curator

Kirk Watson, Archivist

Roosevelt Weeks, Collector

Chad Williams, Curator Renewal

Giselle Williams, Curator Affiliate

Heidi Wittenborn, Historian Sustaining

Jenniann Woody McKnight, Eberly Sponsor

Geoffrey Wool, Curator

Laura Yeager, Collector

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